Ragnarok Fall of Odin


$7,777 welcome package
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Ragnarok Fall of Odin Slots

This Genesis slot is based upon Norse mythology, Ragnarok being a series of future events, foretelling the eventual deaths of some of the major figures in the writings. These would include the deaths of Thor, Odin and Freyr, all who appear on the reels, these alongside Norse symbols and their home of Asgard. The slot has a highly original feature format, where you’ll progress through different bonus rounds as you collect runes throughout play – the more you collect, the greater choice of feature you’ll enjoy.

Branches of a huge tree sit either side of the reels, perhaps being the Yggdrasil, the tree of life, which is also represented by a symbol on the reels. The majority of the symbols are the playing card numbers and letters, these all represented in an original heraldic design. However the most striking symbols are the three gods in Thor, Odin and Freyr, each looking out from the reels with a stern expression, while their home of Asgard floats disc-like in space. Overall this makes for a highly effective looking game which is only added to by the sound effects, these provided by a choir to give an epic, film score type sound to the slot which evokes wars between gods.