Red Panda Paradise


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Red Panda Paradise Slot

The red panda, which is also known as the lesser panda, is a creature that is native to the eastern Himalayas and southwestern China. It has a reddish-brown fur, a long tail and is only slightly larger than a domestic cat. Like the more common black and white panda, it feeds mainly on bamboo. However, it can also eat eggs, birds and insects. The red panda tends to only be seen out at night time, and it usually a solitary animal. And despite the fact that it is known as the red panda, it doesn’t have such a close relation to the giant panda of China. Even though it is quite a rare animal to see in the wild, it has been brought to the front of this slot game as its base theme. The slot takes you to the middle of the creature’s habitat, where you’ll lay in wait for one to come out and wander around. Of course, you will need to wait until dusk arrives before this happens. The developer of this game, Genesis, has chosen to include some very nice graphics into the slot too, so it has a visually appealing attraction too. And it will truly be an experience for you to see the panda in its own habitat. And you’ll get just as much of a thrill while playing this Red Panda Paradise slot too, thanks to the inclusive special features.