Reptile Riches


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Reptile Riches Slot

Reptiles don’t normally feature in such great numbers when it comes to slot games. Sure, you may find a slot about snakes or alligators, for example. But, they’re never usually present in groups of animals. Reptile Riches does bring a selection of these to the forefront of its theme, which is definitely a great looking game. The imagery throughout, for example, is very appealing, thanks to the use of some stellar Genesis graphics. It basically tells the tale of a reptilian land – essentially, the entire land only plays home to reptiles. However, humans who are in search of gold to make themselves wealthy have found this land. And they are definitely looking to take the riches from the animals. It won’t be so easy though. They’ll need some assistance with completing their task. And that’s where the inclusion of the Genesis special features will dramatically help. Of course, you’ll be a part of this invading horde of men. And the reptiles will do all that they can to defend their lands from invaders. So, without further ado, let’s find out what specialities this game provides you with in order to successfully overcome them.