Rich Panda


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Rich Panda Slot

Who has ever heard about a panda becoming rich? We’re not entirely sure that panda bears have the ability to recognise or appreciate money. However, we don’t think that it’s cash that this panda has managed to accumulate. But what could it be? Well, what’s the one thing that pandas love to do all day and every day? Eat bamboo, of course! And the bear in this slot has found itself a great big patch of its favourite food to munch on. In the panda world, this is what makes a bear the richest of the lot. Naturally, he’ll want to eat as much of it as possible, and he doesn’t have any intention of sharing either. So, the other pandas will have to go and find their own bamboo shoots to eat. And if you would like to view this creature in its natural habitat, there’s no better time than when it’s eating. So, are you enthralled by the Rich Panda? Then how about joining us for a review of this Genesis slot game? We’re looking at all of its inbuilt features, including specialities. So, we’ll find out exactly how to become rich from a Rich Panda!