Royal Roller


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Royal Roller Slots

The subject of this slot is gambling, which is a touch strange, as you might be more than happy to play at the slot, but receive constant reminders about all of the other games you might enjoy at a casino. These include poker, bingo, craps and roulette – although the dominoes on the reels do add something of a curveball. The most interesting aspect of the slot is the free spins round where a roulette wheel appears and plays a major part in the proceedings, while a more profitable than usual wild symbol leads to higher pay-outs.

The overall look of the slot certainly lends itself to a trip to Las Vegas, the reels framed by a neon sign much like you’d find on the strip. The title of the slot features the word ‘Royal’ in big blue bubble style lettering, while ‘Roller’ is surrounded by flashing lights, the word itself flashing on and off when a win comes along. The majority of the symbols on the reels are the playing card ones from 9 to Ace, these appearing as a series of horizontal coloured lines, which once again flash on the reels. The gambling related symbols are photographic ones, adding to the colour on the reels, although some might some consider that the overall look is a little bit too busy – although what else would you expect from a Vegas based slot? A saxophone sound accompanies each spin, invoking the Vegas show experience while you play.