Ski Jump


$7,777 welcome package
Deposit $100 & Get $400 Free
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Ski Jump Slot Machine

This Genesis slot starts with one of the more impressive opening sequences, showing a snowy mountain scene before focusing in on one of the dwellings where a ski jumper wakes to the sound of his alarm. All he can think about is the upcoming competition, as the sequence flashes to shots of him standing on the slope, preparing for the jump – this continues as he drives to the venue. This sets the scene nicely, showing the tension a ski jumper would face in the build up to an event. The end of the sequence takes you to a screen where you’ll choose the flag of your country and then you’ll be ready to spin. The highlight of the slot is the ski jump itself, where you’ll control the take-off and landing and you might have more opportunities than you think of actually landing the feature.

This slot has a very modern feel, the transparent reels appearing on metallic frames. The ski jump itself is the backdrop to the game where you’ll have the same view as the ski jumper would have at the top, an imposing drop awaiting as he pushes off on his skis. Each of the symbols on the reels relate to ski jumping, including ski boots, medals, visor sun glasses and trophies. The most impressive symbol of all however is the skier’s helmet which is in the design of the country you chose at the beginning of the game. The slot has added realism as you’ll hear the sound of the skies slicing through the ice during each spin.