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Spacebotz Slots

Spacebotz is a slot with a futuristic theme, although the future envisioned looks very much like that which might have appeared in a 1950’s comic book. This is due to the three robots on the reels. One is a large upright machine, with big goggle eyes and extending arms. The second is a barrel shaped robot, something like R2D2 from the Star Wars franchise, this one with hooks for arms. The final robot is a small flying orb with antennae and two very human-like arms. These three robots have apparently gone crazy and are threatening to take over the universe, although by the looks of them, they might have trouble taking over a village fete. The highlight of this fun slot is the free spins round, where the robots go wild, literally!

Your view when playing is much like one you might have when piloting a space ship, with the controls at the bottom of the screen, while a large window gives you a view of space and the stars ahead. All of the robots are drawn in a cartoon style with added animation when forming part of a win line, this giving the slot a very modern feel. The title of the slot also catches your eye, the bold lettering accentuated by the ‘S’ being a dollar sign indicating your future winnings. The accompanying sound to each spin varies, some sounds reminding you of the Star Trek theme, while others relate more to Star Wars.