Star Crystals


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Star Crystals Slot

You might be thinking that it’s quite obvious what this slot is about just by reading its title. And if you, like us, are thinking that it’s one more science fiction game to add to the pile, then from a first look, you’d be right. It does land within that theme genre and it also has that appeal. However, this is just the beginning. Because while it does focus quite heavily on sci-fi, it also has some hidden perks within too. So, don’t pass it off as being just another one in the already heavily-laden sci-fi category. You see, this one has much more to offer up. It tells the tale of various different alien races, all of whom are in search of star crystals to take back to their planets. These crystals give life and power to each of these planets and their alien races. Of course, every alien race wants to be the biggest and most powerful in the universe. So, it’s only natural that they would do battle to try and claim all of the star crystals for themselves. However, with a war brewing between some of the biggest planets in the solar system, you could sneak an opportunity for yourself. Bringing back the star crystals to your own planet could be exactly what you need to become a rich civilian. Let’s find out how you can do it!