City of Lights


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City Of Lights Slot Machine

You learn something new every day and, searching for the meaning behind the title of this Parisian themed slot game, I found that the City of Lights slot machine was named for something other than the glitz and glamour of Paris nightlife. There are actually two schools of thought on this phrase, the first is that during the Great Exhibition of 1889 Paris was the first city to use streetlights. The second and, more romantic idea, is that the saying was coined to celebrate Paris as a city of enlightened minds, where people gather during the expressionism era of the 18th century.

Whichever is the truth of the matter, High 5 Games have clearly gone with the romance theme on this slot game, as a handsome beau pursues a beauty of no equal across this slot games reels. Perhaps he intends, as is so traditional now, to propose to her in the City of Lights on a weekend getaway.