Madame Monarch


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Madame Monarch Slot Machine

Throughout High 5 Games massive selection of both free to play and real money slot machines there’s pretty much every theme under the sun been covered by these giants of the slot gaming industry at one time or another. If they have one type of game they really seem to love, it’s the nature or animal themed slots. It’s in that mould that the Madame Monarch slot machine is coined. Whilst the angel onscreen might seem to be Madame enough for anyone, the butterfly wings allude to the fact that this lady is the fairy queen of the legendary Monarch butterfly family.

The Monarch butterfly is a truly fascinating creature. Every year they make an insane migration of the type normally reserved for birds and whales by travelling up to 3000 miles in a warm weather migration. Whilst that is special in its own right considering this is an insect, you must consider that the life span of these winged beauties is so short – that the ones who make it to the end of the migration have never been there before. There’s some kind of fascinating hive mind or intelligence work to pass this knowledge on through very short generations. It’s so powerful that some ‘families’ have been known to return the same tree! Hopefully, the power of these incredible butterflies will translate to the 5×4 reel slot game which they have inspired, bringing you wins of the size that can pay for a round the world trip just like the one our winged friends make. Although, you’ll probably want to remember yours to tell the grandchildren about it someday!