The Royal Promise


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The Royal Promise Slot

We first thought that The Royal Promise Slot theme centered around the age-old practice of arranged Royal Marriages. ‘Promising’ one of the royal family members was a popular way for centuries to ensure alliances and dynasties remained intact. In fact, the Hapsburg dynasty ruled most of Europe by this very strategy. It turns out that it is a very different kind of oath which forms the backdrop to this game. It’s the pledge of a Prince, sent to battle, to return to his shining maiden who awaits his return from the loneliness of her tower.

There are few amongst even the most hardened hearts who can’t enjoy a good romance and here, on The Royal Promise Slot, we have one of the most classic love stories of all time. From Tristan and Isolde to the Macbeth’s, warriors and their loyal women have formed the centre of many a spectacular and often tragic tale. This is appropriate for a slot machine where, you can make or lose a fortune depending how your luck runs. The game provides ample opportunity for both with stacked symbols and free spins on offer to provide your prince with the spoils of war to take home to his bride to be. Of course, as with any slot game, he could just as easily be returning empty handed!