How Slots Work
There’s always plenty for you to do in a casino, whether it’s your local one or the online version that you play at home. People love playing roulette or blackjack but the most popular game to play is the slot machine. We can’t resist trying to get some good wins on them, hoping a wild symbol will come to our rescue or cascading reels will bring us some big winning combinations. But just how so these slot machines work? Learning more about how they will give you a greater understanding of just what is going on when you play your favourite slot game.
It’s All Very Random
Slot machines operate via the use of a random number generator. It’s all a bit like the lottery games that we play week in and week out. At one time in the early days of slot machines they were mechanical. This is why three reel games became the norm as more slots being added made the games unmanageable.

Even in the early days though, it was a random number generator that decided what reels would end up on the winning line after a spin of the reels. Nowadays in the ultra-complex world we live in it’s a computer that is used to generate random numbers deciding just how the spin of a reels will go.

Call of the Colosseum

‘Call of the Colosseum’ Gamble Feature

The results that are produced are truly random. Don’t think that there is some cycle going on in the games. It’s simply not the case that if you keep on playing a game such as ‘Fat Lady Sings’ you’ll be getting big wins and sooner or later the jackpot is going to end up in your lap.

They don’t get hot or cold either, that’s just another of the many myths that surround slot machines. Just like opening a box in ‘Deal or No Deal’ you just can’t predict the amount of money in the box you’re about to open. Nor can you safely predict what the next card will be in a pack of cards, so remember that next time you’re playing a gamble feature in a game such as ‘Call of the Colosseum.’

The Basics
Each slot game has reels, the number can vary between three and seven, the most common these days is five as seen in ‘Bush Telegraph.’ The game contains a number of symbols which are often made up of those that are theme-related and others that aren’t. For example, the ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ slot game includes plenty of symbols related to the successful TV show.

You need to get matching symbols in order to win prizes, this could be two, three, four or five of a certain symbol. The more you match, the higher the win will be and all details are given in the paytable. These wins have to be earned on an active payline, the player has to decide just how many of the paylines they want to activate and each one they activate will increase the cost of that particular spin.

The Edge
Regardless of the random process the casino does have an edge over the player. How does that work out if it’s all random? Well there’s a fair degree of mathematics used in slot development. The producer of the game will ensure that each bet that is made on a game offers a lower pay-out than the actual odds of winning.

Spin those reels and try to get the winning payline

Spin those reels and try to get the winning payline

The player spins the reels and when they stop (rather unsurprisingly called ‘stops’) the machine will then determine whether there are any winning combinations. Reels either stop on a symbol or on a blank space between those symbols. In modern day games with computers taking over, there are different odds on each symbol ending on a payline.

The more stops there are, the easier it is for there to be larger jackpots. There is also a weighting system that can be employed and this determines how likely a particular stop is to be picked. Symbols that pay low value prizes will appear a lot more often than the highest paying values. Those crucial symbols will have high odds of producing big wins. Each slot machine has a par sheet and this specifies the weightings for each stop on the reel, including the blanks. Not that the gambling companies want to let the players know those facts.

As you can see therefore, slot games really are complicated pieces of machinery. They have to operate so their owners can still make profits but at the same time give players the chance to win some good prizes.