Apollo Rising


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Apollo Rising Slot

Apollo Rising is a truly unique kind of game that instantly transports you into a futuristic realm. From the second the game loads, you will find yourself marveling at the stunning imagery and graphics. The interface is all about space and the menu is done to make you think you’re on board a super technologically advanced space ship. The holographic effects of the screen and the background image of open space is definitely something out of this world. Graphically, IGT’s Apollo Rising is a fantastic treat, providing great animated sequences and a ton of extra details that all contribute to that great feel. In addition to all that, wait until you hear the soundtrack. First of all, it accompanies every spin of the reels. Secondly, it doesn’t abruptly end just as you finish spinning them. It goes on for a while longer, making you think that’s just the background music of the whole game. And only after a while, if you’ve been taking time off from the game, does it finally stop playing. The music itself has a wonderful sci-fi movie vibe, with a bit of a mysterious air about it. Keep an eye on the icons themselves, though, because those are pretty interesting on their own as well. You’ve got space dogs and space monkey, as well as a male and female astronaut with rockets strapped to their backs.