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Bridesmaids Slot

Don’t be discouraged by thinking that this is some chick-flick themed slot game. Well, it sort of is. But it’s after a movie that will sure to make you laugh. And if you haven’t seen the movie, you will still find it hilarious. IGT have presented us with yet another one of their movie-themed slots and, as usual, they’ve done a pretty fantastic job. This time, it’s not a classic and not a cult TV show, but something far more lighthearted. It centers on the 2011 popular comedy Bridesmaids, which features the story of a jealous friend and bridesmaid, who is competing to win the affection of the bride with the other bridesmaids. The film follows the wedding preparations, as it unfolds the strikingly funny characters that are the bridesmaids. The slot machine will show you scenes from the movie, which will make for a nice giggle by the least. And what’s great, you don’t even need to have seen the movie to be able to enjoy the game. The graphics are great and feature photographs from the main characters in the film. In addition, there are some very entertaining bonus features that can make for pretty impressive winnings, too. Oh, and the reels are set against a bright pink backdrop. You know, for that girly touch – because there really not much girliness here.