Cat Paws


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Cat Paws Slot

Regardless of whether you are a cat person or a dog person, you are still likely to enjoy Cat Paws. For one, this is a slot by IGT – one of the world’s leading game developers. And it didn’t just get to earn that reputation for nothing. And secondly, the game doesn’t feature just any cats, so don’t expect to see your regular house kitties. Instead, the developers have included larger, wilder members of the feline family. Players can enjoy the majestic presence of tigers, cheetahs, snow leopards and the kings of the jungle – the lions. But in addition to those, you will also get to look at a number of pretty flowers. Because cats and flowers go perfectly well together… right? Well, the developers over at IGT seem to think so, so let’s just go with it. What’s more, you will notice that the backdrop showcases a vast field with flowers, butterflies and a bright, colorful sunrise sky. So, we’re guessing the game centers more on the baby representatives of this part of the animal kingdom, rather their grown up counterparts. And speaking of butterflies, players will be able to have a good look at those on the reels, as well. The soundtrack is a mix of a jungle and safari theme, with some characteristic feline sound effects to go along with it. The slot offers some interactive features for players, but don’t expect them to blow you away. And the same goes for the graphics in this game that don’t provide an abundance of complex animated sequences.