Dragon’s Treasure


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Dragon’s Treasure Slot

You’ll find that dragons are very much at the forefront of this online slot game from Merkur. You see, the dragon has stolen all of the gold and treasures of the nearby lands. Kind of like Smaug from the J.R.R Tolkien novel The Hobbit. And being the brave and fearless warrior that you are, it’s up to you to try and get all of it back. Dragons aren’t an easy opponent to battle up against though. So, you’ll need to have valour, might, strength and a strong wit about you to overcome it. Once you do though, the treasure is all yours for the taking. And fortunately, Merkur has also chosen to include one or two special extra features to help you with defeating it. We can’t really say that Dragon’s Treasure is a such an intriguing slot game as far as its graphics go. It’s not specifically bad, but the graphics are quite average on the whole. However, it does contain a decent soundtrack for you to listen to while you spin. And the general theme and story are quite pleasantly incorporated too. So, on the whole, it makes for a decent enough offering from a first impression stand point.