Voodoo Shark


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Voodoo Shark Slot

There have been several online slot games in the past that have taken two different themes and brought them together into one game. However, we don’t think we’ve ever seen the idea of voodoo magic and sharks come together before. It’s quite an intriguing and yet still very odd combination of themes to combine, it must be said. But, Merkur don’t tend to do things by halves when it comes to unique slot games. Therefore, you’ll certainly find that this game is very appealing on the whole. Plus, the developer has chosen to incorporate some great graphics into the slot, meaning that it provides a thoroughly visually appealing game. But, what exactly can one expect to get from the merger of voodoo magic and sharks? Well, we intend to find out. Is it the sharks who have the voodoo magic? Or is it you who holds the power and has managed to use it on the sharks to your advantage? Join us for this complete look at the features of Voodoo Shark.