108 Heroes


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108 Heroes Slot

There’s a war going on between the people of China, and it’s come to a bit of a stalemate. Neither one side nor the other can consider themselves superior. That is, until the 108 Heroes come along to assert their strength on the battlefield. And naturally, the side that they choose to fight on will, without a doubt, be the victors. As part of this team of heroes, you’ll be able to have your say in who to support. Of course, you’ll need to persuade the rest that your choice is the right one. How to do this? Well, you could make use of some of the Microgaming specialities that can be found in this slot game. By doing so, you’ll be able to turn the tide of the battle in your own favour. And once you are victorious, you’ll be able to have a share in the spoils. That means gold. Treasure. Jewels. And everything in between. Furthermore, as it stands, the game does have some nice enough graphics within. Therefore, you’ll get to have a visual treat every time that you opt to play it. So, let’s find out exactly how you’re able to shift the favour of battle in your own direction. Join us for this close up look at 108 Heroes.