5 Reel Drive


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5 Reel Drive Slot

As the cars all line up, waiting for the starting gun shot to be fired, the crowd is wild with anticipation. Everybody has a favourite, and they’re all wanting theirs to win. Then, a moment of suspense is instantly broken by the snap of the bullet leaving the gun. The drivers slam their feet down on their accelerator pedals and begin speeding off around the racetrack. It’s a tense moment as all of them race towards the finish line. Lap one, lap two, lap three. There’s a few more to go yet. And all the while, the crowd is cheering them on like crazy. There’s all sorts of food and drink flying everywhere in the stands, as the fans of the event applaud and cheer. It’s definitely one of the most thrilling events to take place. And you can also be a part of the crowd by playing 5 Reel Drive from Microgaming. Just imagine the roar of the crowd, the screech of the tyres, the smell of the car fumes. You’ll definitely get an authentic enough experience while playing this game. Let’s take a closer look at it to discover what else it provides to players.