Agent Jane Blonde


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Agent Jane Blonde Slot

Forget about James Bond. What about Agent Jane Blonde? She’s as covert as can be and will stop at nothing to solve mysteries and crimes. And while James Bond is busy bedding different women every night, Jane is out doing her job. She’s discovering clues, questioning witnesses and criminals alike, seeking out the root of the problem. Yes, it’s true, Agent Jane Blonde will stop at nothing to uncover the guilty party. And in this particular quest, she needs a little bit of assistance. And that’s where you come in. You’ll be assisting Jane in her mission, and once complete, you may even get to reap some of the rewards. Naturally, Jane is the one with the crime-fighting, covert experience, so you’ll need to follow her lead. But, when the time is right, you can make use of the Microgaming special features. These will assist the both of you in uncovering more of the mystery and capturing the perpetrators. So, if you’re ready to get your detective, MI6-like skills in order, this Microgaming slot is definitely the place to start. Let’s check out what tools and abilities you have to assist Jane Blonde with.