Arctic Fortune


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Arctic Fortune Slot

When talking about the Arctic, it is the polar region at the northernmost part of the Earth. This area consists of the Arctic Ocean and parts of Alaska, Finland, Northern Canada, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Russia and Sweden. Although it is a polar region, it contains seasonally varying snow and ice cover. And while it does predominantly exist without any trees, there are still some that can be found there. Naturally, the Arctic presents a very wintry welcome, with snow and ice covering the ground in most places. Fortunately, it appears that even though it’s a cold and bitter destination, there are some fortunes to be found there. Or so Microgaming would have us believe with this Arctic Fortune slot game. In it, you will travel the North Pole and experience various different animals and scenes. You may even come across an ancient Viking or two whilst travelling across the lands. And it is these Viking people that guard the treasures of the Arctic. You’ll need to find some way around them, either by fighting or sneaking by. Once you manage to do so, you will be able to plunder as much of the treasure as possible.