Avalon II


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Avalon II Slot

The success of the Avalon slot game was no doubt what provoked Microgaming to create a follow up to it. And that’s where the release of Avalon II makes its mark. As some people may know, Avalon is a legendary island that features in the Arthurian Legend. It’s usually known as the location where King Arthur’s sword, Excalibur was forged. Later on, Arthur was taken there to recover from his wounds after the Battle of Camlann. It has also had a link to mystical practices, which is also how it appears within this Microgaming slot. There’s a clear update that has taken place since the original Avalon game. A higher quality of graphics are on display throughout, while the inclusive special features are much more appealing. Plus, there are more of these for you to play through, which is always great. So, the only question that remains, is are you ready to take a journey back to Avalon for a second time? If so, then come with us to find out more about it in our review. Let’s find out if you have the strength to withstand the trials and tribulations of this land once more!