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Avalon Slot

This Microgaming slot is ready to transport you into a medieval world known as Avalon. There, you will go through many trials and tribulations on your way to becoming king of the realm. You’ll need to go up against many foes and fight to the bitter end. As it is though, Microgaming has chosen to add some special features into the game to help you with this. Therefore, the king’s crown isn’t such a distance away from you. The icon that you need to watch out for is that of the beautiful sorceress. It is she who holds the sword of justice, and it is she who will crown you king. She isn’t going to let you at that position with ease though. She has magic that you can’t even dream of, and she’ll put it to good use against you. It’s your task to find a way around that magic and overwhelm her to take the sword and become king. So, if you’re ready to find out more about this game and how to win, join us for this complete review. The world of Avalon awaits you.