Bar Bar Black Sheep


$7,777 welcome package
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Bar Bar Black Sheep Slot

We all know the nursery rhyme of “Bah, Bah Black Sheep”, right? Well, in quite a comical and wonderful twist on words, Microgaming has brought this rhyme to the forefront of a slot offering. Bar Bar Black Sheep, however, is unfortunately a classic slot offering. Not that this means that the theme is bad or anything. It’s just that with a more modern video slot, there’s a lot more room for providing great additional features. You see, the problem with classic slots is that they don’t tend to have many (or in some cases any) perks. And this offering doesn’t stray too far from that theory either. However, one thing that you will find in it, are some nice graphics. And this is also something that doesn’t happen too often in online classic slots. So, there are at least some redeeming qualities to the game. It’s unfortunate to say it as well, but you won’t find any masters, dames or little boys living down the lane in the slot. Instead, this game is all about the sheep. So, let’s find out more about it and see if we can get some wool for ourselves, shall we?