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Belissimo Slot

Belissimo, as it is written here, is not actually an Italian word. We’re quite sure that Microgaming mean the word, ‘bellissimo‘, with double Ls. And while this does translate into English as ‘Beautiful’, it’s not something that Italian speakers use to describe food. And even though that is actually the theme behind this slot game, it all seems a little bit out of sorts. The word bellissimo would actually be used in relation to an attractive or lovely person. So, everything really seems a little bit disjointed from the get go with this one. Of course, spelling and meaning mistakes are quite common with people who don’t actually speak the language. But, we imagine that Microgaming want to put across that the pizza being held by the chef in this game is very tasty. It’s a nice theme to incorporate into a slot, we have to admit. However, this one is a classic slot with three reels and three rows. Therefore, you can’t expect to see much in terms of special features of overwhelming gameplay. However, while there are several negative points that we have already spoken of, let’s find out what the game is able to offer up to players.