Bikini Party


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Bikini Party Slot

Is there anything better than a Bikini Party? We’d definitely say not! Girls parading around the beach in their skimpiest outfits is like heaven on Earth for us! And in this Microgaming slot, they’re all playing a game of volleyball! We’re not entirely sure where the ‘party’ section of the title comes in to play with this theme. However, whatever the case may be, there are still some bountiful ladies on display to titillate the senses. And it’s not just the visual side of this slot game that is appealing either. You see, the overall gameplay stands out as being a very appealing part too. This being the case, you’ll get to have both a visually stunning and enticingly exciting game to play. Of course, Microgaming has also chosen to add one or two special features into the slot too. So, you can always guarantee that you’ll have a thrilling time. Our question to you is, are you ready for a few rounds of volleyball with some hot babes? If the answer to that is yes, then read on to find out more about this slot. And if the answer is no, well, you’d probably better go on and find a different game to play!