Boogie Monsters


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Boogie Monsters Slot

Normally when we think of monsters, we think of being afraid, right? After all, characters like Frankenstein and Dracula were thought up to bring chills to people. However, the creatures that appear in this Microgaming slot offering are all very entertaining. You see, the Boogie Monsters are all about listening to the rhythm and the bass and getting down on the dance floor. And why not? Just because you’re a monster, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t enjoy yourself, right!? Well, we certainly think so. And if you want to get down to the music, these monsters will welcome you with open arms. Naturally, they’re very friendly monsters, it would seem. However, there’s little doubt that they’ll want you to show off your dance floor skills. So, whether you have a preference for tangoing across the floor or break dancing your way into people’s lives, Boogie Monsters will accept all dancers. Just make sure that you impress them with your moves. It’s no good trying to join them if you’ve got two left feet. If you have though, we can suggest that you make use of some of the special features from Microgaming to provide yourself with some assistance. Let’s find out more about these and the game in general.