Break Away


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Break Away Slot

We have to admit, ice hockey is not something that we have ever found to be so interesting. However, Break Away from Microgaming could be the game that changes our opinion on it. You see, it presents it in a whole new light to us – and possibly to you too. Of course, ice hockey is a contact team sport that is played on ice, usually in a rink. It also usually consists of two teams of skaters trying to use their hockey sticks to shoot a puck into their opponent’s net. This is how the scoring system works in the game. As far as the overall setup and playability of Break Away goes, this is definitely all quite visible upon the reels. That being the case, there shouldn’t be any arguments about the authenticity of the slot. And as you play, you’ll be able to hear the fans in attendance, chatting away and cheering for their favourite team. Plus, it really wouldn’t be a proper Microgaming slot without containing a few special feature rounds. So, you’ll definitely get the chance to play through some of them in this game. So, let’s proceed on to find out everything else about this offering.