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Bullseye Slot

Anyone who is an avid fan of playing darts will know all about the bullseye target. It is, after all, an integral part of the darts game. The bullseye is the centre of the dartboard that players throw their darts at. However, it is also the centre of a shooting target – for example, in archery. However, it is usually thought of alongside the darts game more so than anything else. In darts, an inner bullseye is a small, inner circle which counts for 50 points. Meanwhile, the outer bull is worth 25 points, which is the circle that surrounds the inner. And if you manage to hit three bullseyes in a game, this is known as the Alan Evans Shot! You’ll get to experience the thrill of a darts game when you playing this Microgaming slot offering. However, this game has somewhat of a twist to it – in the sense that it’s being played by actual bulls! And naturally, they’re all in contention for some amazing prizes. Wads of money, a tankard of beer, a flashy car. After all, bovine animals have lives too, you know!