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Cashanova Slot

We can truly say that the theme and imagery that we found in Cashanova is not what we were expecting. Cashanova obviously sounds like Casanova, so we were expecting to see a suave gentlemen charming all of the ladies. What actually appears in this Microgaming slot is…a hen house! That’s right, you get to see chickens on its reels! However, it provides a great twist on that classic Casanova idea. The cockerel is the Casanova and the hens of the house are all of his attractive ladies! And what do ladies like? Money, of course! Or, at least, that’s what this slot game depicts them as liking. The hens are all swarming around the Cashanova rooster, who is plying them with chocolate corn and lavish bowls of fruit. It’s a totally comical slot offering, and it comes with exactly the right amount of humour. But, what could make the theme and its execution even better? Some impressive inbuilt special features of course! And Microgaming has made sure to add one or two to this game to make it more appealing. So, let’s find out exactly what it contains!