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Cashville Slot

Cashville is a small, yet wealthy town, where all of its inhabitants are rich and want for nothing. Can you imagine residing in such a place? With neighbours who can go out shopping and come back with bags upon bags of items. And not even bat an eyelid at how much they’ve spent during the trip. It’s quite a big dream to think about, although Microgaming make it a little bit easier. Cashville takes you right into the heart of one such town. And it seems as though all of the rich people living there aren’t afraid to splash their cash around. Plus, as seems to be quite the norm with many wealthy people, these citizens are very snooty. They won’t look upon anyone who doesn’t drink champagne for breakfast or wear designer labels. That’s why it’s better to play this Microgaming slot and try to amass your own fortune. Otherwise, you just won’t fit in with everyone else in Cashville. Thankfully, the developer has made sure to add a couple of special features into this slot game to assist you with being successful in this quest. Let’s find out all about the game right here!