Cool Wolf


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Cool Wolf Slot

We have to admit that when we saw the title of this slot, we were expecting it to be about an Arctic wolf. However, what it actually provides the theme of, is a wolf who is the coolest in town. Not in temperature, but in his style, in his movements, in his swagger. Everything. But the wolf’s alter ego couldn’t be more different. You see, during the day, the wolf is a geeky schoolboy. And this schoolboy always enjoys getting on with his work. However, there’s one thing that he can’t attract in this form. Girls! Naturally, he’s a little bit shy in this form. Which is where the Cool Wolf character comes into play. At night time, when he transforms into his canine format, he’s got all the moves necessary to be the hippest dog in town. This online video slot from Microgaming provides a look into this boy’s life. The game features high quality graphics, so it’s all very visually appealing for players to access. And you’ll also have the chance to access some intriguing inbuilt special features. Therefore, you can also expect a very entertaining game on the whole too.