Couch Potato


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Couch Potato Slot

The official meaning of the words, ‘Couch Potato’ are as follows;

  • A person who takes little or no exercise and watches a lot of television

Now, we have to admit, that we can sometimes settle in to a state of being couch potatoes ourselves. After all, there are so many good TV shows available to watch these days. Of course, we’re still up on our gaming too, and we’ve played this Microgaming slot. However, this takes the idea of the couch potato to a bit more of a literal sense. You see, the main character in this game is actually a potato. That’s right, a lazy potato provides this slot with its mascot. And this potato has legs, arms and a face too! Sticking to the idea of laziness, this potato does look like he’s very lazy indeed. As it stands though, he works as a great and beneficial icon in the slot. And speaking of the slot, this comes in the form of a traditional offering. Therefore, you’ll get to see three reels and rows on display as its layout. Our main question here, is does it have any special features that are worth talking about? Let’s take a closer look at it to find out.