Crazy Crocodile


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Crazy Crocodile Slot

There seem to be quite a lot of online slot games from Microgaming that celebrate the craziness of the world. And Crazy Crocodile is yet another one to add to that selection. And crocodiles can certainly be considered as crazy animals sometimes. They are, after all, quite savage reptiles when they want to be. This slot game though, is pretty much anything but crazy. It’s basically a standard, classic slot game to experience. And aside from the icon of the crocodile itself, it doesn’t really relate to anything reptilian or crazy. It’s a bit of a shame, in all honesty. Mainly because the idea of crazy crocodiles as a theme leaves so much space for special features and intriguing gameplay. Unfortunately, that doesn’t shine through at all in this offering. It’s probably quite a nice game to play for those gamers who are new to slot offerings. However, it holds very little appeal, if you ask us, for those of us who are more frequent players. However, let’s take a look at everything that the slot holds.