Don Deal


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Don Deal Slot

Don Deal instantly sounds like some kind of Italian mob leader’s name. And judging by the picture of him at the bottom of this game’s reels, he’s certainly ready to make you an offer that you can’t refuse. Supposedly, he is the man with all of the cash, so if you need a loan, he’s the one to go to. Just don’t be late with those repayments. He’s not the sort of guy who will wait too long for debts to come back to him. Instead, he’ll send his heavies after you to either take whatever you own or turn your face upside down. Either way, things won’t go well for you. Fortunately, by playing this Microgaming slot, you may be able to amass some of the money that you owe him. And you can bet that Don Deal will always be ready to give you another loan – with certain interest rates on the increase too. As it stands though, this slot is one of the many that fit into Microgaming’s classic collection. Therefore, building up a large amount of money may be something that will take a longer time period to complete. Let’s find out exactly what Don Deal is offering up – specialities and all!