Double Dose


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Double Dose Slot

What’s the first thing that you think of when you hear the words, Double Dose? Well, hospitals or medicine comes to our mind. Although, the starting letters of double Ds makes us think of something else. And apparently, the nurse who appears at the bottom of the game screen holds both – a syringe and a double D chest. However, this is really the only thing that is relative to the overall theme. All of the icons and imagery throughout the game are very relative to traditional slot games in general. So, you won’t see icons of pills or hospital beds or doctors, for example. Instead, the game just has very basic symbols for you to see upon its reels. And while we’d like to say that the slot is very compelling and interesting to play, the truth is that we would be lying if we said so. Instead, Double Dose just provides a very simple and basic slot game to players. That being said, the graphics within the game are some of the highest in quality for a classic slot game. Therefore, it does provide a decent enough visual treat. However, this is not nearly enough for a slot game to be entertaining enough. At least, in our book.