Double Wammy


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Double Wammy Slot

A Double Wammy – or, as it’s spelt properly, Double Whammy – is theoretically a twofold blow or setback. Basically, it means that you suffer from one problem and then a secondary one in close quarters. That being the case, we’re not really sure why it exists as the title of a slot game. It doesn’t really fit in well with trying to win money by spinning reels. It won’t especially be so good if you suffer a double whammy while doing so. Fortunately, that’s not what the theme of the game is about. In fact, the theme of the game is nothing relative to this phrase. Instead, it relates to two diamonds. However, these are only visible as a part of the slot’s logo. That being the case, everything else within this slot game is more relative to the imagery of a classic slot game. And that’s not to say that this imagery is bad or anything. The graphics are fairly decent for such a slot. However, all in all, Double Wammy doesn’t really offer anything so novel up to players. However, let’s find out exactly what the game does include.