Dragon Dance


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Dragon Dance Slot

If you’re searching for a game about legendary beings and creatures known as dragons, then we’d suggest that you find another slot to play. Dragon Dance is not a slot game about such. Instead, it’s a game that will take you to the streets of China. And we’re not entirely sure that anywhere does the New Year celebrations better than this country. Dragons are an integral part of Chinese culture, and the Dragon Dance is something that two performers create. And, of course, while dancing, they’re usually dressed in a dragon costume. Hence the name. This isn’t the only thing that happens at Chinese New Year, but it certainly works as one of the stand out moments. And the stand out moments in this slot are pretty entertaining too. When you combine that with the fact that Microgaming has chosen to add some intriguing graphics to it, everything merges very nicely together. Not only that, but Dragon Dance has a couple of special features within to ensure that all of the celebrations go swimmingly. What could be a better way to celebrate the New Year? Let’s see exactly how it’s done in this game.