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Elementals Slot

We’re all aware about the elements of the world, right? Or at least, the most-known four elements. Earth, air, fire and water. These provide games of all natures with a very appealing base theme. However, the elements have shown up in several online slot games too. Elementals from Microgaming is one of these games too. It tells the tale of four elemental superheroes – or supervillains, depending on how you interpret their design. They’re out to secure the entire planet for themselves, laying waste to anyone who stands in their way. Naturally, each of them has their own particular special power, relating to the element that they’re in synchronisation with. And while the imagery within this slot game isn’t especially the best from Microgaming, it’s still decent enough. The images within are all relative to what they’re supposed to be depicting. So, it all works nicely enough. Additionally, there are one or two special features in the game for you to witness. Therefore, you’ll get to experience some thrilling gameplay while playing this one. So, let’s find out what exactly this is.