Fairy Ring


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Fairy Ring Slot

The Fairy Ring is the most powerful and magical ring in the forest. It gives all of them fairies their necessary abilities. However, it just so happens to have gone missing, and none of the fairies know where it is. With so many suspects in the forest, it could be just about anywhere! And that’s exactly where you come into things. The fairies require your assistance in finding the ring and bringing it back to them. If you’re able to locate it, then you’ve got two different options. Either keep it for yourself and try to harness its powers for your own doings. Or make sure that it gets back to the fairy queen so that she can continue to do her good work. And in this online slot game from Microgaming, you’ll get to test your own mental strength against it. You’ll get to test whether or not you have the inner strength to repel its powers in order to get it back to the fairies. In actuality, this slot game provides its players with a classic design. Therefore, it isn’t cram-packed full of specialities or exceptional graphics. However, let’s find out if it does have some intriguing features for you to witness and play through.