Floridita Fandango


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Floridita Fandango Slot

If there was ever a slot game with a completely confusing title, it’s this one. Floridita Fandango doesn’t really present much of anything as far as a theme goes when it comes to reading the title. However, upon loading the game up, you’ll see what it’s all about. Or at least, what it’s supposed to be all about. The logo of the game covers an image of a tropical cocktail, with a tiny umbrella in it and an orange slice hanging from the side of the glass. And while cocktails may be the prime focus of the game, we’re not entirely sure where the fandango part of it comes into play. The game doesn’t have anything within that relates to this dance – or to any other dance, for that matter. Furthermore, the slot doesn’t provide any kind of soundtrack that relates to this theme either. Instead, it has the generic arcade noises and sounds of a casino playing throughout. On the other hand, for a classic slot game, it has some intriguing graphics within. Let’s find out more about Floridita Fandango. Join us.