Flo’s Diner


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Flo’s Diner Slot

If you, like us, are a fan of online games in general, then perhaps you’ll have played a game known as Diner Dash before? In it, you have to take on the role of the head waitress at a diner, and the waitress goes by the name of Flo. Now, this slot game from Microgaming doesn’t have anything to do with this, although there are obvious similarities. The title of the slot game first of all, is very relative to the Diner Dash game. And the main character in this slot is the waitress known as Flo. However, the main difference is the fact that this slot game isn’t anywhere near as entertaining as the other. You see, it provides a classic slot interface for you to play on and there’s little else within the game to excite yourself over. The graphics are fairly good, it has to be said. Especially for a classic slot offering. And the vast majority of the icons relate to the overall theme too. So, while it does provide a bit more of an appealing offering in comparison to other classic slots, it’s still nothing ultimately special. However, let’s continue playing and looking through it. Maybe there’ll be some stand out moment for us to appreciate.