Flying Ace


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Flying Ace Slot

Not so many of us are familiar with the aviation world. However, when it comes to the term, ‘Flying Ace’, this relates to a military aviator who is credited with shooting down several enemy aircraft. Unofficially, the general number of aerial victories necessary to be known as an “ace” stands at five. This concept began in 1915 during World War I, at the same time as aerial dogfighting. It was brought to light in order to provide the home front with a group of heroes. The individual actions of these aces were widely reported throughout countries, providing citizens with a “hero” figure. Flying Ace from Microgaming aims to celebrate these heroes a little bit more. You see, it all centres around these aerial masters. And even though it is a classic slot game, everything within tends to relate to the theme. For example, the background provides imagery of a jet fighter’s exterior with bullet holes in it. And the graphics within are fairly decent as well – at least when you compare it against many other classic slots. But, let’s find out more about this Microgaming offering.