Fortune Girl


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Fortune Girl Slot

It’s usually a case of fortune cookies being strongly associated with China – despite the fact that they’re not actually Chinese. However, in this Microgaming slot, it’s the Fortune Girl who is taking the lead. If you’re wanting to know more about the status of your own future, perhaps a visit to the Fortune Girl will help. She can look into your upcoming future and really explain everything to you. Of course, we’re not quite sure how she managed to attain such powers, but it is what it is. Fortunately, this game comes with so many perks and features, that we’re really past caring how she became what she became. The first thing that you will potentially notice about Fortune Girl, is that it comes with some very impressive graphics. These ensure that you have a visual treat every time you play the game. It’s also got a very oriental-sounding piece of music that plays whenever you spin the reels. So, the theme has certainly found its way into the game in several areas. And when you tie in the special features from Microgaming, it’s true to say that this is one of the developer’s best slot games. So join us now for this review in order to find out why.