Fruit Vs. Candy


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Fruit Vs. Candy Slot

If we were asked to make a choice between eating fruit or candy, we wouldn’t be able to make a choice so easily. Which is why this Microgaming slot offering is difficult to deal with from the get go. You see, before you can even start spinning its reels, it asks you to make your choice between the two. Fruits or Candy. Fruits or candy. How does a person make such a decision? Fortunately, should you find yourself getting bored with one of them, you can always easily switch to the other. So, Fruits Vs. Candy is essentially two slot games with differing icons all within one Microgaming offering. And this isn’t the only intriguing part about it. You see, the game has some very impressive graphics for you to see throughout as well. That’s regardless of whether you choose to side with fruits or go for candy. And the only thing that could make such a game better would be if there were some appealing specialities within too. Fortunately, there are one or two in Fruits Vs. Candy, so you can always be certain of having a fun time while spinning the reels of it. Already finding yourself wanting to play it? Then join us for a quick rundown of everything that it contains before you do so.