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Aliens Slot Machine

People will argue to the end of time about which Aliens movie is the best. For many it’s the original 1986 film with its tense atmosphere which can’t be bettered, for others it’s the sequel ‘Aliens’ where the marines do battle with fearsome beasts with acid blood. No matter which film you prefer (We assume no one is even considering the disaster which was Prometheus) NetEnt have you covered with this online slot game. The Aliens slot manages to achieve everything the first film did with its incredible atmosphere whilst appealing to the millions of video game players in the world with its storyline approach and combat sequences based on the second movie.

It’s a clever slot game this and make no mistake, the use of multipliers in a level up system and three distinct game modes really elevates above so many other generic video slots. Even NetEnt’s cheeky fun Alien Robot’s slot can’t hold a candle to this game despite the fact it’s now getting on a bit! You wouldn’t know that though, even after many years this game stands the test of time in terms of both production quality and excitement. There’s the rarity factor too as NetEnt don’t have that many branded slots and last but very much not least is the huge 570000 coin jackpot which this game can deliver. Lock and load marines, we’ve some aliens to hunt down!