Blood Suckers


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Blood Suckers Slot

Ever since Bram Stoker’s Dracula hit the print press way back in 1897, forever immortalising the romantic image of the blood feeding undead, Vampires have become as much of a fascination as they have something to be feared in the dark. In recent years thanks to TV series like True Blood and, movie franchises such as Twilight and the Blade trilogy there has been a resurgence of interest in them.

Whether or not you find the classic vampire lore or the modern villains your personal preference there is no doubt all of us have a little interest at least in the subject. Playing into this many a slot game manufacturer has produced a vampire themed slot, with NetEnt’s Blood Suckers one of the most famous and definitely the best on mobile devices. It’s so good in fact that barely disguised copies of the game which have exactly the same mechanics and structure, such as 1×2 Gamings Dark Thirst or Endophina’s The Vampires have cropped up afterwards. NetEnt aren’t worried though as Blood Suckers is still both the original and the best, grasp your stake and head down to hunt the undead as they sleep!