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Evolution Slot Review

The story of creation has fascinated mankind for millennia. The theory of evolution, in the scale of things, is a recent revelation. It is, however, one which science has taken to with all its intellectual might and the layman is just as intrigued by it. Emerging from the primordial ooze comes the latest take on the time period of greatest change, courtesy of NetEnt’s new Evolution video slot. Loosely, this slot focuses on the period we known least about, other than that it was a time of great variation amongst creatures. This span of history, where life tried to escape the sea, is known to science as the Cambrian explosion.

There were a number of ways to tackle this theme and we are so glad it was the innovators over at NetEnt who came up with this slot. Even without the visual splendour of the game and excellent audio, the game would be incredible purely for its free spins feature. In that bonus game, the secondary feature where creatures evolve up the ladder kicks into place and it is just as creative as it is amazing to experience. Beware, though, this is a high volatility slot and, your bankroll may devolve easily. Read our full review of the Evolution slot and decide for yourselves if nature and NetEnt are making the right choices!