Fruit Shop Christmas Edition


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Fruit Shop Christmas Edition Slot Review

Never ones to follow rather than lead, it took a long time before NetEnt eventually caved in to the demands of the market and started to release holiday themed slots in line with the rest of the market. The very first of these was the Fruit Shop Christmas Edition slot, essentially a clone of the popular Fruit Shop slot with a different skin. In fact, the word essentially doesn’t cover it – this is an exact copy of the original game. Ok, we concede that it’s fun to get involved with the seasonal festivities but it hardly entices players to take spins on the game at any other time of the year if the game isn’t unique. It seems that in their frustration at being forced to do a holiday slot, the game designers at NetEnt took one look at the design brief and said ‘’add snow to a popular game and send it back to marketing’’.

Now, slightly cynical analysis aside, you have to give the game team their due for selecting a game which is amongst the most popular in the range to do this with. Who knows, maybe, if you have never played the original game then the Fruit Shop Christmas Edition will introduce you to the delights of one of the best fruit machines currently out there. We say that with no cynicism at all because the medium variance Fruit Shop slot really is a great game to play – in either summer or winter.