American Diner


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American Diner Slot

Imagine that you’re visiting a real American Diner. What does that picture look like in your head? Are you seeing huge burgers complete with salty fries? Fizzy drinks like Sprite and Coca-Cola? Large portions of sweet cakes? Quirky waitresses wearing the most skin tight attire possible. A jukebox which plays only the cheesiest of retro music? Well, Novomatic clearly took some of these ideas and chose to incorporate them into a slot game. American Diner takes you right into the heart of such. You’ll almost be able to smell the oil frying the potatoes into fries while customers bark orders at haphazard waitresses. Meanwhile, a large man stands behind the ovens, frying up burgers and tossing them between bread buns. And if that visual wasn’t enough to make you want to play this slot, then perhaps some of the special feature rounds in the game will instead. Join us as we take a look at the American Diner online slot from Novomatic.